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When the moon is low and the humid cloud of sweat and tequila hang thick on the floor, the hour is nigh. Now’s your chance. Your date keeps looking at their phone. Off the stage gallops a three-minute Dolly Parton, having just brought the house down with a rousing rendition of her worker’s rights staple, “9 to 5”. The MC laughs along with the desperate crowd. Your mind goes blank as you lock in–this is your moment.

And just like that, a bellow–next to the stage, it’s you.

You came in like a wrecking ball.

In the depths of the pandemic, one band has climbed above the fold to reign the ultimate party band in way downtown New Orleans. You’ve seen them on the back of a trailer. You’ve found them peeking out through a warehouse door. You’ve heard myth of the house parties, the travelling band, the big top circus. Feast your eyes on NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL A KARAOKE BAND–a smattering of seasoned New Orleans music scene veterans doing what they do best.

Cruise down Ocean Drive with the classic sounds of the 80’s. And, oh snap! They got hella 90’s jams and the whole bag of chips! Their mid-00’s jams are totally off the hook! And they even play the sickest jams of today.

Come on down and get it on with the baddest boys on the circuit. It’s live Karaoke. Did you even have to ask?

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